Kelli for the People

Eager to be the voice of the people and with a new sense of civic duty and social consciousness, Kelli returned to Cincinnati. She entered the political arena to support vulnerable and marginalized communities that were oppressed, excluded and disregarded. Ms. Prather then began to affiliate herself with organizations to be a voice for the 52 neighborhoods in Cincinnati. 

Kelli Prather is a candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner.  Ms. Prather plans to bring her life experiences, professional experience and wealth of experiences as a public servant to the Hamilton County Commission. 

Kelli for the People

Kelli is a member of multiple organizations geared toward helping Citizens throughout the Great State of Ohio. She is a member of Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce where she supports the mission to change people’s lives by empowering them to start their own businesses in hopes of building stronger communities. Additionally, Kelli participates in the Business and Community Development subcommittees of The Greater Cincinnati Community Reinvestment Coalition which just signed a landmark $60 billion community development, business development and mortgage development plan through 2020. 

Her civic responsibilities do not stop there. Kelli is on the steering committee of the Black Agenda Cincinnati, the Executive Committee of the Cincinnati NAACP and a local representative of the Rainbow Push Steering Committee of Ohio.   Ms. Prather fights to protect the political, educational, social, and economic rights of all persons.  She also works diligently to eliminate inequality, racial discrimination and inequity in communities. Kelli also participates in Ohio Organizing Collaborative and Peoples Platform for Justice Initiatives which brings together faith-based, community, and labor partners to achieve racial, social, and economic justice for all Ohioans. 

Ms. Prather is the Founder of the Millvale Ambassadors and assisted in establishing the Millvale Resident Council. Kelli has worked on projects with the Women In the NAACP (W.I.N.) Committee of the NAACP and served as volunteer coordinator for the 2016 National NAACP Convention that was held in Cincinnati, OH.   Ms. Prather served on the 2016 Democratic National Convention’s Platform Committee as a Bernie Sanders Delegate.  Ms. Prather is extremely passionate about improving the quality of life for returning citizens and strengthening reentry programs.  Kelli proudly served as an Ohio Delegate for the 1st National Convention of the Formerly Incarcerate Convicted People and Family Members Movement. 

It is clear to see Kelli cares for her community as she has spent more than 25 years advocating for her community.  Ms. Prather uses her experience and passion for community and civic engagement efforts on a regular basis to help all citizens of Cincinnati to live the best life possible. 

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