Health Care

By trade, Kelli Prather is a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist.  She has worked as a health care provider for more than 20 years and is extremely passionate about assisting citizens to lead functionally independent lifestyles.  As a Hamilton County Commissioner, Kelli will work to implement policies that will create healthy communities that are conducive to empowering there citizens to lead healthy lifestyles.

Ms. Prather is passionate about decreasing the infant mortality rates, addressing childhood poverty from a family poverty standpoint, assisting in efforts to find a cure for cancer and promoting healthy lifestyles.  Kelli is an advocate for community gardening and alternative methods of health, healing wellness and recovery.

As a health care provider, Ms. Prather values traditional approaches to dealing with diseases and illnesses; however, Kelli unapologetically promotes homeopathic, osteopathic and natural approaches to addressing health concerns.

Kelli is an advocate for community gardening and alternative methods of health, healing, wellness and recovery.

Overall, Kelli knows that early detection is the key to survival. As a Commissioner, Ms. Prather will work with health care organizations to foster proactive methods to not only prevent disease and illnesses in addition to promoting more health and wellness programming.

As most people know, Kelli Prather is currently fighting breast cancer and she vows to fight for The People as hard as she is fighting cancer.  

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