Public Safety

Kelli Prather is a staunch advocate for public safety. The public safety issues within the 49 municipalities in Hamilton County may increase due to the heroin crisis and there may be an uptake in crimes such as trespassing, burglary, harassment, unauthorized living, noise, littering, inebriation and other quality of life issues.  

Ms. Prather has been outspoken about gun violence and senseless acts of violence throughout Hamilton County. Kelli will work with law enforcement to address issues that will negative impact the lives of the citizens of Hamilton County. 

Kelli has worked with a variety of agencies to address public safety concerns throughout Hamilton County.   Ms. Prather is committed to working with public safety organizations including law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services to ensure the citizens throughout Hamilton County are safe. 

Ms. Prather is also concerned about community-police relationships and will work to develop a county wide police task force including the Hamilton County Sheriff Department to ensure that citizens in each of the municipalities have improved relations and access to law enforcement and other members of the emergency response team as needed.