As a Hamilton County Commissioner, Kelli Prather will work to ensure that we have a transparent and open government.  Recent Pew research stated that, “96% of citizens polled in the country feel that a huge void exists with openness and transparency in government.  It was very important to have a transparent government as it relates to issues that impact our lives.  Secrecy in government creates environments that foster a lack of accountability and abuse of power.”  Ms. Prather will work to fulfill that huge void that exists with openness and transparency in our county government.

When vetting their political candidates citizens work to get elected officials who are honest, have integrity and work in the best interest of the people. 

Ms. Prather has a proven track record of working on behalf of The People.

As a Hamilton County Commissioner, Kelli will strive to provide information to her constituency in order to help them feel their opinions are valued and they are informed about jobs, contracts and what to expect in the near future.  Kelli will utilize best practices for good governance with the understanding that transparency is a vital component of good government and a strong county.