Kelli Prather is passionate about ensuring that all citizens in Hamilton County are able to access resources required to maintain their livelihood and to improved quality of life.  Growing up in the Great City of Cincinnati Ms. Prather relied on public transportation to travel to school, work, college, doctor appointments etc.  

Ms. Prather is aware of the problems of modern transportation including traffic safety, declining fuel reserves, environmental problems and inadequate public transportation vehicles and routes. These problems are present in most major cities and Cincinnati is not an exception to the rule. She will work to solve them.

As County Commissioner Kelli Prather will work with SORTA, Metro and the Ohio Department of Transportation to implement expanded bus routes, commute trip reduction programs, commuter resources, more accessible transportation vehicles and incentives to reduce automobile trips.  These programs will include improved transportation options, such as ridesharing, transit and incentives such as parking cash out and high occupancy vehicle rewards.  The ultimate goal of the programs will be to ensure that citizens are able to access much needed resources throughout Hamilton County.

Ms. Prather stands with the Better Bus Coalition with its stated goal of reaching 20 million annual bus riders by 2021.

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